Services Overview

At QSI, we take pride in our relationships with our customers and are committed to addressing their needs. QSI’s Services offerings help customers maximize the value of their investment by aligning our expertise with TMS technology to pave the success of your quality and compliance goals. Our full complement of technical and professional services are available to provide you with all the necessary support and resources that do more than meet your expectations – we exceed them!


Quality Systems Integrators provides companies with the option of TMS Installations either On-Site or Hosted, depending on your organizational structure and IT environment.

  • For traditional On-Site installations, we provide experienced technical staff to help system administrators install and configure TMS software for their specific environment.  All upgrades can be executed by our staff and is included with your annual maintenance agreement.
  • For companies specifically seeking a private Cloud environment or who have limited IT support, we deliver complete, reliable and secure Hosting services. Everything you need is provided including hardware support, software updates, technical and application support, daily backup and weekly off-site backup.

Software Implementation

Whether your software implementation involves a single-site environment or global rollout, the QSI team offers complete support to get even the most complex environments up and running as quickly as possible. We work closely with you to map out a systematically structured approach to your implementation project. Based on your needs and objectives, we can guide you through various stages of deployment or provide complete project management to oversee the entire process from start to finish. Our goal is to accomplish a smooth and seamless software implementation with minimal disruption to your organization. We support and assist you during and after the implementation phase to ensure your success.

TMS Training Programs

QSI delivers a full-range of training services to help our clients achieve the full benefits of their TMS software investment. Our goal is to empower your employees by expanding their knowledge of TMS to support the success of your organization – Your Success is our Success!

We offer client-site training programs (for groups or one-on-one) which are tailored to address your needs and the specific solutions being implemented relevant to your business, your processes and your job roles. When employees are properly trained and able to make a direct connection between what they have learned and how TMS improves their daily roles, companies will experience productivity improvements and achieve a faster ROI from your investment.

After initial training, we recognize that providing users with on-going training is just as important. We offer additional resources to assist users in their pursuit of enhanced learning via online tutorials with step-by-step instructions, customer support and web conferencing to make you as self-sufficient as possible. These services are covered for trainees by your annual maintenance agreement.

Technical & Application Support

The mission of QSI’s support team is to ensure quick, knowledgeable, and professional issue resolution you can rely on. We provide ongoing communication directly with customers from the time of your initial inquiry through resolution.
Your support team consists of two dedicated Account Managers for Technical & Application Support who fully understand your solution and your environment. QSI’s Annual Maintenance/User Agreement provides customer access to our support team with unlimited phone, WebEx and email support so your administrators can get questions answered as quickly as possible. Our staff has the skill and experience to address your training queries, technical issues and product upgrades to keep things running smoothly.

Thank you for the wonderful technical support that you have provided me over the past few years, I have been using our TMS database for over two years and would not be able to perform my job duties without it.
Documentation Administrator, Caroline – BioTech

Annual Software Maintenance & Support Agreement

QSI’s Annual Software Maintenance and Support Agreement provides TMS customers with the assurance that your investment remains current year after year. Keeping up-to-date with continuing product releases and version upgrades ensures the improved functionality and optimization of your TMS Software system. A current maintenance contract provides customers with unlimited access to a professional team for superior technical assistance and application support. Your ongoing investment includes:

  • Software Upgrades and Service Packs
  • Technical Assistance & Application Support
  • Unlimited WebEx, 800# phone and e-mail support
  • Timely Problem Resolution for your business
  • WebEx Follow-Up Training for Trainees
  • Updated Administrator Manual

QSI’s Validation Services

If your company requires a validated software product, QSI’s Validation Services ensures that your TMS solution correctly meets the specifications of your organization and the regulatory requirements of your industry. The team at QSI provides the expertise and test scripts (IQs, OQs, PQs) to perform validation quickly and accurately. Our validation binder includes a traceability matrix that maps user requirements to the most popular features of a QMS system. For companies that are FDA regulated, we provide documentation that verifies compliance against the 21 CFR Part 11 regulation. QSI’s IQ/OQ/PQ Validation Binder includes:

  • Validation Plan & Procedures Review
  • Validation Execution and Screen Shots
  • Exception Reports and Logs
  • Vendor Analysis Report

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